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Benefits of Indoor Storage

  • Protection from sun and weather
  • Protection from paint oxidation
  • Protects tires from sun damage
  • Prevents rainwater build-up
  • Prevents rotting of boat covers
  • Protection from vandalism and theft
  • Protection from wheel rust
  • Extends time between detailing
  • Extends rubber roof life & required maintenance
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds or insects
  • Keeps vandals away from your home
  • Helps retain your resale value

Storage Included Services

  • Complete pre-travel check
  • 24-hour alarm protection
  • Dump station service
  • Drain and fill fresh water tanks
  • Drop vehicle off dirty...pick up clean
  • 24-hour vehicle availability

Available Storage Services

  • Valet service
  • Tire, windshield, or glass repair & replacement*
  • Vehicle detailing - inside and out*
  • Engine, oil, lube, & filter*
  • Brake, air conditioner, and cooling systems serviced*
  • Propane fill-up*