Included Services

Ready to improve the curb appeal of your vehicle with indoor vehicle storage? River City Indoor Boat & RV Storage will provide your vehicle the ideal first impression for years to come!

This is not an outdoor parking lot for your vehicle. It is not the run of mill warehouse to park your vehicle and abandon for months on end. With River City Indoor Boat & RV Storage, you get peace of mind and proper care for your cherished family vehicle.

  • Complete pre-travel check
  • 24-hour alarm protection
  • Dump station service
  • Drain and fill fresh water tanks
  • Drop vehicle off dirty…pick up clean
  • 24-hour vehicle availability

The goal is to let you know that you and your vehicle will  receive the top level of service and integrity that you deserve. At River City Indoor Boat & RV Storage, we are passionate about ensuring that the reflection you present, is of the utmost standards and quality because you chose the best storage in Sacramento, CA.

To schedule your appointment with River City Indoor Boat & RV Storage, please call our offices at (916) 388-9729.